Current Salon takes your hair to new lengths with PerfecTress hair extensions.


Our award-winning stylists are professionally trained in the sought-after PerfecTress system, the leading provider of high-end Remy human hair extensions. By avoiding glue, heat, harsh solvents, and long appointments, PerfecTress makes the most of your natural hair--and your time in the chair. It takes only two to three hours to put in and less than 30 minutes to take out!

Made from human hair, you can comb, blow-dry, and heat-style PerfecTress extensions as if you had grown them yourself. They come in several hair textures, colors and lengths, all of which are resistant to fading. With proper maintenance, you can enjoy your beautiful new locks for up to an entire year.

PerfecTress only uses superior Remy hair that goes thru an intense sourcing process, to bring the consumer a healthy, high-end hair. A seamless combination of Indian, Chinese and European hair, the Remy cuticle method leaves the outer shaft of the hair perfectly intact and sorted in the same direction for amazingly natural results. PerfecTress then infuses the hair cortex with a Perma Moisture Treatment to prevent the hair from drying out, going to great lengths for long-lasting results.

Are there less expensive hair extensions out there? Of course—and there are reasons for that. Unlike other hair extension products which use questionable manufacturing methods or combine human hair with synthetic or animal hair, PerfecTress follows a strict set of ethical guidelines to create its wide variety of 100% human hair textures and colors. No synthetics. No animal products. No chemical treatments. Just 100% natural, gorgeously touchable, perfectly conditioned extensions for every hair type. In other words, you’ll have hair that feels good and that you feel good about.

At Current Salon, you don’t have to be born with beautiful hair to finally have it. We do require a consultation prior to scheduling your hair extension installation. Schedule a FREE consultation, and we’ll help you create the look you’ve always wanted.

Current Salon is proud to carry both the PerfecTress Connections and PerfecTress Tape Wefts hair extensions.

PerfecTress Hair Extensions

Transformation Connections Price for Hair per pack (25 pieces per pack)
14″ Small/Medium Connections $160/$220
18″ Small/Medium Connections $200/$270
22″ Small/Medium Connections $250/$340
Ultra Thin Tapes Price for Hair per pack (8 pieces per pack)
10″ Ultra Thin Tape $110
14″ Ultra Thin Tape $150
18″ Ultra Thin Tape $190
22″ Ultra Thin Tape $240

Price for Installation & Maintenance - $125 per hour.

We require a 50% non-refundable deposit to purchase the hair. We will allow for rescheduling if notified at least 24 hours or more in advance.