Bombshell Curls Without the Heat 

Exposure to heat—especially frequently and at high temperatures—can be extremely detrimental to your hair. While reaching for the curling iron might be your go-to move to get luscious curls, there are several other options available that don’t require using heat at all. So, to protect the integrity of your hair, consider switching between your go-to tools and some of our favorite heat-free alternatives to get the curls of your dreams!  

Why go curly?

  • Add extra volume to otherwise flat hair
  • Less styling and combing equals less breakage
  • Curls are fresh, fun, and look great in all types of weather
  • Less maintenance … need we say more?

We’re taking it back to the basics with the most tried and true methods for effectively curling hair.

3 ways to get heat-free, voluminous curls that last all day:

  1. Pin curls
    This classic method requires only bobby pins and hairspray. Start with damp hair and separate into 1-inch sections. Wrap ends of each section around your finger (how tight depends on whether you want compact or loose curls).  Secure the curl at the root with a bobby pin. Continue until all sections have been curled and allow the hair to dry completely. Remove pins to release curls and style as needed.
  2. Rollers
    Break out some old fashioned foam rollers for glamorous curls that would make even your favorite 60’s movie star envious. Start by washing and conditioning your hair, and let it dry until damp. Separate hair into sections and secure each roller. It goes without saying that you’ll want to use big rollers for big curls and smaller ones for tighter curls. Once all rollers have been set, allow hair to dry for 4-5 hours or overnight. Remove rollers and enjoy your curls.
  3. Braiding
    By far the easiest method, braiding only requires a few hair ties. After washing, separate hair into sections. For looser curls, use one braid and for tight curls, make multiple braids. Once hair is dry, remove braids and style.

Your stylist is an amazing resource for guidance on the best way to achieve those beautiful curls.  Remember, a proper cut and the right products play an integral role in achieving the curls of your dreams.