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5 Creative Ways to Grow Out a Pixie Cut

Short, exposed, and delightfully funky, pixie cuts are a bold move in and of themselves. Not everyone has the hair texture, the head shape, the personality, or the moxie to cut their hair within an inch or two of their face. And even fewer have the courage (or the patience!) to grow it back out.

Luckily, your hair will grow out without any prompting from you. Making it look good in the process is part of the challenge—and, if you do it right—part of the fun.

Here are the best ways to grow out a pixie cut (if we have anything to say about it).

    1. Talk to your stylist!
      Growing your hair out means more time between appointments, and it also makes those appointments that much more important—so don’t quit cold turkey! When your stylist knows your end goal, they help you make the most of the “growing pains” by giving you advice on how to keep your hair healthy, make the most of the longer pieces, get your best in-between shape and texture, and survive the awkward phases. You can ask Google all you want for “how to best grow out a pixie,” but the truth of the matter is that your hair, your face, and your life are unique—which is exactly why you want a savvy stylist in your corner.

      TIP: Get regular trims every 6 to 8 weeks, keeping the back short while allowing the top and sides to catch up.


    1. Trade your spikes for swoops.
      As your edgy pixie naturally falls under its own weight, it’s time for a change of perspective—and a change of product. Where you may have once used waxes to give your hair spunk and height, you might now find yourself reaching for smoothing balms like Smooth.Again by Kevin.Murphy which takes your frizz down a notch so you can make the most of your added length (without adding volume).

      TIP: Don’t forget to add deep conditioning treatments to your routine (our Current crush:  Leave-In.Repair by Kevin.Murphy  to win the battle against brittleness and breakage.


    1. Put a pin in it. Or a headband. Or a wrap, bandana, scarf…
      There will come a point where you just. can’t. even. And when that point comes, arm yourself with bobby pins, a clever headband, and a sense of adventure. Embrace the mess and give it purpose. Your hair will tell you what works best, whether you are pulling it clean away from your face with a wide band or braiding it to the side to give the illusion of longer length. Remember, nothing very good or very bad lasts for very long—and you are well on your way to the look you want!

      TIP: If your hair is growing painfully slowly, try adding a multivitamin to your day—and fruits, vegetables, and plenty of water. Great hair starts from within!


    1. Grow out with a bang.
      Parting ways with a pixie starts from front to back. The longer you can grow your bangs and front layers, the more purposeful (and versatile!) your hairstyle becomes. Play with different parts, from a deep, messy side part to a brushed back pompadour to pull more attention to what’s important—your face and confident smile.

      TIP: Got curls? Roll with it! Twist them back for a natural headband or use a curling iron to train and smooth them into submission. We love Platinum Take Shape Hair Spray by J Beverly Hills  for short, wavy locks that are absolutely touchable.


    1. Take a shortcut with longer extensions.
      We often get asked if you can add extensions to a pixie cut. The short answer isn’t “no”; it’s “not yet”. Once your hair gets long enough, you can add drastic length with a few well-placed pieces, especially if you are dreading the chin-length to shoulder phase. You’ll want to mix shorter and longer hair extensions for the most natural result. Just remember: like any hairstyle, extensions require regular maintenance and upkeep, and, while they look and feel like normal hair, they also require slightly different care.

      TIP: Rather than add extensions, add color! Today’s foilyage and balayage treatments allow us to add intentional and beautiful color to the ends of your hair, making every style look like it happens on purpose. Add texture, waves, and a fun new shade, and you’re making the most of every inch!


Whether you are growing out your pixie or convincing yourself to get one in the first place, our professional stylists can point you—and your perfect hair—in the right direction. The long and short of it? You can’t “grow wrong” when you’re in our chairs. Book your appointment today!