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The Long and Short of Hair Extensions

At Current Salon, we’ve always raised the bar on your salon experience with professional cuts, master colorists and the latest hair texture treatments. And now we’re taking it to great lengths with hair extensions!


If the idea of hair extensions makes you raise a perfectly-crafted eyebrow, you’re in for a treat. We’ve joined forces with PerfecTress, a state-of-the-art hair extension system that maintains the integrity of your natural hair. No glues. No heat. No harsh solvents. No languishing in the chair all day — a full set takes only two to three hours to put in and less than 30 minutes to take out! And with proper maintenance, PerfecTress extensions can last you an entire year.


Because we believe that your hair is a natural extension of your style and personality, we only work with hair extensions that feel, look, and behave naturally. You can comb, blow dry, curl, and flat iron these extensions with the same care you give your natural locks.


What we especially love about PerfecTress is the company’s commitment to being the leading high-end Remy human hair provider (“Remy” refers to the characteristics of the hair and the way in which the extensions are manufactured). With PerfecTress extensions, the outer layer of the strands—a seamless combination of Indian, Chinese and European hair—is left perfectly intact and sorted in the same direction. This, combined with its infusion of moisturizing proteins, has made PerfecTress one of the most sought-after hair extension brands for salons nationwide.


The PerfectTress Connections line gives you advanced strand-by-strand technology that lays flat, holds securely, and feels absolutely natural. The PerfectTress Tape Wefts are a fast and easy way to add length and volume to your hair—in just 45 minutes, you could have event-worthy hair that lasts up to 6 months. Both systems offer desired results in short order without messy glues or snags.


With these new services, you don’t have to be born with beautiful hair to finally have it. Our master stylists are specifically trained to give you the full, gorgeous, beautiful hair you’ve been craving, whether you are impatiently growing out a pixie cut or just wanting something boldly different.


Curious about adding extensions to your life? Our master stylists can help you find your perfect look! Contact us to schedule a FREE consultation.