I Got a Bad Haircut! Now What?

Bad haircuts happen to the best of us – and there are many reasons they can happen. A bad haircut isn’t always the result of poor technical skills by a stylist. Miscommunication and unclear expectations are the most common culprits of haircut disappointment.

How to Fix a Bad Haircut

While a bad haircut can be frustrating, there are a number of ways you can fix – or hide — the problem:

Keep Calm and Carry On

Our disappointment after a salon appointment is often due to miscommunication. Take a deep breath and ask yourself if the haircut is truly bad or if it just didn’t match the vision you had in mind. With a calm state of mind, you’ll be better positioned to address the concern.

 Talk to Your Stylist

While you may not like confrontation, it’s important to remember that your stylist is there to achieve your desired look. If you don’t love the result, let them know your concerns. They can likely make adjustments on the spot, or show you how to style your hair in a way that feels better to you. 

Keep in mind that your conversation will go further and produce a better outcome if you can:

  • Avoid harsh criticism. Your stylist will likely be just as unhappy that you didn’t love the result as you are. If there’s anything you do like about the cut, share that to soften the blow. 
  • Be as specific as possible about your concerns, whether it be the length or texture, and what you’d like to adjust.
  • Give them an opportunity to make it right.

If speaking directly with your stylist doesn’t fix the problem, reach out to the salon owner to see if another stylist can address your concerns. Again, it helps to be specific about what you didn’t love about the cut and what you would like done differently. 

Sleep On It

Oftentimes, a stylist will style your hair differently than you would style it at home. Give yourself a chance to wash and style your hair in your own way before deciding what to do next. If you still don’t love it after a few days, you’ll at least have better feedback you can share with your stylist as to what you didn’t love about the cut. 

Hide it With Accessories

Bobby pins, hair clips, scarves and statement headbands are just a few ways to deal with awkward bangs or uneven layers. And if all else fails? You can never go wrong with a great hat!

Switch Up Your Style

If your new haircut doesn’t work with your traditional styling routine, try mixing things up with new hair looks.

  • Curling and crimping are especially great, while also adding volume and texture
  • Braids or slicked-back styles can help to address flat textures until you have a chance to get back into the salon. 
  • If your hair feels too short, straighten it with a flat iron. This will remove any natural waves, adding the illusion of length.

Go Shorter

If the undesired look is due to uneven or choppy layers, going a tad bit shorter can address that.

Consider Extensions

Wary about the potential of getting even more hair cut off to address your latest ‘do? Try adding hair! Extensions or clip-in hair pieces matching your hair color and texture will give you volume and length as your hair grows back out. 

Be Patient

Your hair will grow back – patience is key! It may take some time to get back to your ideal length or style, but in the meantime, try to have fun playing with new products, styles, and accessories.

How Can You Prevent Future Hair Disappointments? 

Because everyone’s hair is unique, it’s important to be as specific as possible with your stylist before your appointment with the look you’re going for.  For more inspo you can check out our Instagram or Pinterest pages prior to your appointment.  

It’s even more important to be open to their personalized advice based on your unique hair type and texture, facial structure, daily styling routine, and desired level of maintenance. 

And if at any time during the appointment you feel uncomfortable with what’s happening, speak up right away. A great stylist will want to hear your concerns so they can be addressed immediately.

At Current Salon, our goal is to make sure every client that walks out the door is happy.