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Put Down the Scissors and Box Dye – Waiting for Your Stylist is Vital!

We are in day (who the heck knows) of quarantine, and you may be feeling the temptation to take your hair into your own hands. Bangs, boxed hair dye, DIY layers.

And we are here to say… please don’t. 

We know it’s been difficult not being able to visit your stylist. With social distancing guidelines, lockdown orders, and quarantine recommendations causing businesses to close down, the desperation for a haircut or color is increasing. Although we are not considered an essential business, we know we are essential to our clients.

We love our clients and their creativity, but we feel compelled to plead our case for not changing up your hair until you can visit your stylist again.

Take Us to Mullet Town
One wrong snip of those scissors, and you’ll have yourself a mullet, mushroom, or uneven layers. It’s pretty easy to change up your hair, but one mistake can take months to grow out and fix. What would you rather do? Wait out a month or two with a grown-out cut and color, or have to live with an accidental mullet?

Unpredictable Results
Thinking about using a box color for a quick color fix? 9 times out of 10, your color results will NOT look like what is shown on the box. And when you get results that you aren’t happy with from box dyes, you may have to wait quite some time for a stylist to be able to correct it — and it may not be an easy, or inexpensive task when they do. So do everyone a favor: Put the box dye down and step away slowly.

Hair is an Artform
As with any professional career, it takes a lot of time, energy, and training to develop the skillset necessary to be a stylist. Hairstyling is both a profession and an art form that can take years to perfect. When you go to a Stylist to get your hair colored and cut, you are putting your trust in a seasoned professional who will give you the very best outcome. Trusting in a professional is key to getting your perfect look for any season so, remain patient until you can see your beloved hairstylist once again!

What can you do during this time to help your hair? The best thing is to simply wait it out. Pin your grown out hair up, wear hats and headbands, and rest assured that once you get back into the salon, your hair will be in good hands. If you’re worried about grown-out roots, try a brush or spray-on root powder to cover grown-out roots. ColorWow’s Root Cover Up, Eufora’s Conceal, and Kevin.Murphy’s Retouch.Me are all fantastic options and currently available for curbside pick up at our salon or delivery – now 20% off along with all salon products!

Need quarantine hair inspiration? Connect with us on social media for tips and tricks, or to ask us any questions you may have.