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Are Salon Products Really Better than Drugstore Products?

Question: Every time I go to the salon, I see shelves lined with everything from shampoos to finishing serums. These are normally a bit pricier than what I see in a grocery store, so I have to ask: are salon hair products really better than what I find in a grocery store?

Answer: Since you are asking a salon about the quality of the products they are selling, the answer may seem biased, but hear us out. The reason we, and most salons, sell products alongside our services is to make it much easier for you to replicate the styles we create specifically for you, and also to protect the quality and integrity of your hair. On top of this, there are several reasons why salon products are a great buy, even at a higher price point.

Salon products typically last longer.

They may be more expensive, but, in most cases, a little product goes a long way. When you compare them side by side, you may find that they are actually cheaper than their grocery store counterparts–and they do a much better job.

Salon products are professionally recommended.

You could waste money at a grocery store purchasing several products that don’t work, or you could get one or two products from a salon that are designed and recommended specifically for your hair type, style, color, and personal routine.

Salon products tend to be easier on your hair.

On top of helping you look fantastic, salon products are formulated to give hair a healthy boost, whether by protecting it from the stresses of styling, or helping you extend the look and feel of your style.

Salon products use higher-grade ingredients–and a greater percentage in each bottle.

One of the reasons why grocery store products are cheaper is because they often contain a fraction of the high-grade ingredients found in salon products, and the rest of the bottle is filled with chemicals and fillers. While you may not feel the difference immediately, these fillers often leave behind a waxy build-up that can take a long-term toll on your hair.

Sulfates and parabens are not commonly found in salon products.

These are harsh chemicals that have been used in commercial cosmetics for over 60 years to boost shelf-life and lathering. While studies still debate their effect on our general health, there is plenty of evidence to suggest they are bad for your hair. Sulfates, in particular, have been shown to strip your hair of natural oils, leaving your locks dry, rough, and faded. Salon-quality products from companies like Eufora use certified organic, aloe-based formulations instead of harsh chemicals, and the results shine for themselves.

This isn’t to say that grocery store hair products aren’t worth a try. We always tell our clients to do the best they can for their hair and their budget; sometimes this means splurging on a finishing product like Eufora Full Effect (think lightweight, beachy waves) or Aveda Air Control Hairspray (one of the best humidity busters on the market). It could also mean investing in a restoration system like Kevin.Murphy Restore treatments and then using other products to supplement your routine. In general, the more often you opt for products that contain higher quality ingredients and fewer chemicals and fillers, the more you and your hair come out ahead! Healthy, hydrated, unstressed hair doesn’t need as many products to keep it looking great.

The next time you are in the chair, talk to us about your concerns, tell us what you are currently using, and we’ll go from there. In the end, we want what’s best for you and your hair. After all, when you look good, we do, too!

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