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5 Things Your Summer Hair Is Trying To Tell You

To fully understand what cut, style and color treatment is best for you, our stylists will ask several questions about your routine, your life, and your hair.

When it comes to summer hair care, however, your hair speaks for itself. And here are five things it almost always says.

It’s thirsty.

Hair needs moisture to stay healthy, and that’s hard to come by with harsh sunlight, dry air-conditioning, and dry shampoos, which are designed to soak up the oils that would normally help hair shine. Our stylists rave about the Kevin.Murphy’s Hydrate-Me.Wash and Kevin.Murphy’s Hydrate-Me.Rinse, two products that go a long way to keeping hair hydrated. Also, drink more water–the rest of your body will thank you.

It needs a vacation.

From styling products to blowouts, your hair is used to being on-point all year long. Embrace its natural glory and play up the laid-back vibe of summer with braids, buns, and ponytails—all of which are appropriate in today’s professional workspaces. When in doubt, add a chic headband or designer bobby pins to the mix–and remember, even an undone style will look purposeful if the hair looks and feels healthy.

It needs protection.

Heat and sun can shorten the lifespan of your hair color, making it look fried and dried long before you’re ready to come back to the salon. Protect your hair (and your scalp) by keeping it out of direct sunshine and wearing a hat when you are outside. Use a product like Kevin.Murphy’s Un.Tangled to strengthen and restore hair while also providing protection from the heat.

It needs to cut back.

Salt, chlorine, and heat styling can damage the fragile ends of your hair, especially if they are a long way from the replenishing oils of your scalp. Give your hair a fighting chance with a regular trim from a professional stylist; you’ll have a little less weight on your shoulders and your hair will be much easier to manage.

It’s overheated.

When you live in Loudoun County, you are no stranger to heat and humidity—especially during the months of June, July, and August (and sometimes May. And September. Oh, and October). Add blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons to the mix, and it’s no wonder your hair is begging for a little relief. If you need to heat-style, try lowering the heat. Also, make sure to use a protectant spray to insulate the cuticle and lock in that precious moisture.

Now that you know what your hair is saying, take steps to listen! Make the most of your gorgeous summer tresses with the right cut, the right products and the right advice. Our stylists are happy to help you find exactly what you need. Click here to book your appointment.