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Reasons for Thinning Hair and What You Can Do About It

I’m going to turn 40 in a few months, and I noticed with some shock that my wavy hair has become thin, dry, and brittle over the past few years. I don’t mind going gray, but my hair looks and feels older than I do. How can I bring it back to its former glory without sacrificing its natural texture and personality?

Aging is fun, isn’t it? Luckily we have several tools and tricks at Current Salon to help that youthful hair glow outshine your birthday candles.

For a quick fix that creates a fuller head of hair without thinning your wallet, we recommend the Kevin Murphy Plumping Rinse and Wash + Body treatment. Meant for longer-hair types, most will see and feel a difference after just one use.

If you have shorter hair, Kevin Murphy’s Stimulate Me is a shampoo, conditioner, and scalp treatment that helps wake up those follicles and bring your hair back from the brink of baldness. Great for guys!

If you want longer lasting results, look to Eufora’s Thickening line, which is a long-term treatment option to thicken and improve the texture of your hair. This award-winning line of products is worth every penny; it stimulates the hair follicle, helps inhibit premature hair loss, and helps anchor the hair bulb to the scalp. It’s perfect for long and short hair types–both men and women love it!

And don’t forget Hair Botox! Despite the name, Hair Botox has nothing to do with the cosmetic procedure and injections. Our Hair Botox treatment creates locks that look fuller, healthier, and younger. One of our favorite things about the Hair Botox treatment is that it can reverse hair damage while enhancing your hair’s natural texture. It will leave your natural waves smoother, shinier and frizz-free, just as it leaves curly hair more defined and straight hair more manageable.

Chances are your hair–and you–haven’t lost a bit of your “former” glory. You just need an afternoon at your favorite salon and some proven products to help bring it out. Your hair will be touchably gorgeous in no time.

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