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7 Tips to Keep Color Treated Hair from Fading

Whether you are coloring your hair on your own or having it professionally done, finding the perfect hair color isn’t easy. And when you’ve found it, you want to keep it as long as possible.

And now you can, with these easy tips.

Shower daily, shampoo as needed.

By all means, shower daily, but your shampoo regimen shouldn’t be as strict as your other hygiene habits. Depending on your hair type, you could add light conditioning with every shower, but only shampoo every other day. By minimizing the amount of shampoo, you reduce the chances of your hair color–and the money you’ve invested in it–from going down the drain. Dry shampoos, like Fresh.Hair Dry Cleaning Spray by Kevin.Murphy, can be a real life (and color) saver!

When it comes to water, less is more.

By the same token, the less your hair is exposed to water, the longer your color is likely to last. Your hair acts like a sponge when it gets wet, so if your routine includes long, hot showers or the swimming pool, you have to take added precautions. Shorten shower length and lower water temps to keep hair shiny. Protect it from chlorine damage by giving it a pre-pool rinse and a leave-in conditioner. Add a braid or a bun to limit exposure or, better yet, try a swim cap (we get it, you don’t want to hide your hair at the pool… just sayin’!)

Use heat in moderation.

When it comes to hair color many can’t stand the heat. Straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers can accelerate the breakdown of the color in your hair, making it fade faster. “Today’s beachy, loose waves make it easy for those with color treated hair to step away from heat styling for a day or two,” says Nese Altas, Current Salon Owner & Lead Stylist. “Blow dry when needed, but do so in moderation to keep color at its best.”

Stay out of the sun.

The sun can not only age your skin prematurely, but it can also decrease the life expectancy of your hair color. Cover your head when you can, braid your hair when you can’t, and always use a leave-in conditioner UN.TANGLED by Kevin.Murphy, which will shield your color from damaging UV rays.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

Deep conditioning treatments help hair look healthy and fresh, even as your color begins its way out. By giving your hair a rich boost, you can extend the time between colorings and give future dye a chance to take hold. “Smooth, healthy hair accepts new hair color more enthusiastically than dry, damaged hair,” adds Altas. “Proper conditioning can go a long way to long-lasting color performance.”

Stay away from sulfates.

Many conventional shampoos contain heavy-duty sulfates that are too harsh for colored hair, removing necessary moisture and color molecules. Opt for shampoos specifically made for color-treated hair, like Fragile shampoo by J. Beverly Hills and Color Conserve by Aveda.

Cut out what’s not working.

Since hair color has a difficult time latching on to damaged, layered, or split ends, freshly trimmed tresses make for even distribution from root to tip. Schedule a hair appointment every four to six weeks for pixie to shoulder-length hair and every three months for longer styles.


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