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5 Hot New Hair Hues for Spring & Summer

Ready to emerge from winter with a fresh look?! Grab a seat in the salon chair and take one of these hues for a cruise.

Be brilliant.

Nothing gets you in the mood for adventure than a flash of your wild side. Shugofa Sabir, one of our talented stylists at Current Salon, makes her mark with a modern updo that demonstrates a keen use of visuals, color, and artistry. This wide band of asymmetrical color is both sophisticated and playful, whether you show it off in an updo or let it peek through when you let your hair down.

Go bold.

Give your tresses an extra wow factor with a touch of unexpected color. Guven Ufuk, Level IV stylist, loves taking styles to the next level, as shown with these striking lavender accents. While such an adventurous change may not appeal to some, it’s perfect for those seeking a chance of pace.

Make waves.

This style by Owner and Master Stylist Nese Altas speaks volumes about the correct application, dimension, color depth, and style. “There are so many things to consider when creating the perfect cut and color for a client,” says Nese, who launched Current Salon in 2012. “In the end, the client and the hair ‘tell’ you what will work best. It’s a fascinating process, and I love creating looks that are undeniably beautiful and unique.”

Blend in.

You don’t always need a streak of purple to create head-turning color. Just ask Britney Wessels, who created this gorgeously natural hairstyle and color profile. “It’s all about custom color formulations and optimal highlight placement,” the Level IV stylist says. “And the only way you get that is by factoring in the client’s eye color, skin tone, style, and routine. It should look as natural as it is to maintain.”

Go gray.

Whether you are naturally gray or you love the way it has edged its way onto modern runways, there is a shade for every complexion. “What people love about today’s grays is the healthy dimension,” says Mehmet Acarsoy Stylist Level IV at Current Salon, who created the lovely look below. “By playing up the grays most suited for your skin color, we can create a deep color palette that plays up the warmth of your skin, the color of your eyes, and the softness of your hair.”

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