Qendresa Spahiu

Stylist - Level IV

Qendresa’s Hours

Sunday – OFF

Monday – OFF

Tuesday – 10am – 7pm

Wednesday – 9am – 4pm

Thursday – 9am – 5pm

Friday – 9am – 5pm

Saturday – 9am – 6pm

“It was no surprise to myself or anyone when I pursued a career in the beauty industry,” says Qendresa Spahiu, one of the newest additions to our Current Salon team. “I was always independent when doing my own hair as a little girl, and my mother was always sharing stories of how I was constantly doing my doll’s hair—and crying when it wouldn’t grow back after I cut it.”

Working with clients is a dream come true for Qendresa, who loves learning new hair trends and follows Guy Tang (among others) for color inspiration. “I’m really excited about the latest foilyage technique because it blends highlights and balayage together to give hair that gorgeous sun-kissed look,” she adds. “I also love creating big transformations – from hair extensions to turning fine, dull, short hair into full, beautifully thick locks…to creating short, funky pixie cuts. The creativity—and the variety of options—is a big part of why I love my job.”

Qendresa’s background includes her education at Paul Mitchell: The School at Tysons Corner, a mastery of keratin treatments, calligraphy cuts, and her certification in Great Lengths hair extensions.